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Hideki Matsuyama Is Casually Walking Around the Airport With the Green Jacket

Hideki Matsuyama was caught with the green jacket at the Atlanta airport.


After making history, becoming the first Asain-born male to win the Masters, Matsuyama was caught strolling around the Atlanta airport with the green jacket.

I have a few questions here. Does Augusta National not give out a garment bag with the green jacket? Also, did Hideki wear the jacket through security or did he just drop it in one of those bins? Lastly, how does Hideki fly commercial after winning the biggest golf tournament in the universe? Can someone please hook my guy up with a private jet? I love how the green jacket is draped over a nasty airport seat. Some old white dude from Augusta National might get a stroke seeing the green jacket casually chilling like that.

In all seriousness, it was awesome to watch Matsuyama win the Masters. This is a guy who's always had the talent to win majors, but never able to get over the hump. After struggling the past year, he showed that he is one of the premier players on the tour. He also shut everyone up about his short game. He had some clutch shots around the green and hit some big-time putts throughout the weekend.

He did this all with the pressure of an entire nation on his back. I don't think people quite understand how much pressure Japanese athletes face when they play overseas. It's a media-crazed nation, and some of these athletes are under heavy scrutiny. We saw it with Ichiro when he came over. We're now seeing it with Matsuyama and Naomi Osaka. It was nice to see Matsuyama show some emotion. He's a very private guy who doesn't show a lot of emotion on the course. You can see him get choked up walking to the clubhouse and the pure happiness when he put on the green jacket for the first time.

Lastly, the moment that went super viral was Matsuyama's caddie, Shota Hayafuji, showing his respect to the course with a bow.

Congrats to Matsuyama, as this is a huge win for international golf.

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