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Hey Saints Fans it's Time to have an Honest Discussion About Drew Brees

It might be time to hang up the cleats and pick up the microphone for Drew Brees.


Earlier this year, my friends and I had a debate about which middle-age QB we would rather have. I said going into next season I rather have Brady and I instantly got assaulted about how stupid my take was.

The reason I picked Brady was plain and simple. He still has the arm strength where he can sling it down the field. Of course, I understand that Brady took a "step-back" last year but I was willing to give him a pass considering he didn't have a fully healthy offensive line with a below average run game and weapons. I do believe Brady and the Bucs will figure it out considering there was pretty much no offseason to get used to a new system.

Drew Brees on the other hand has one of the best rosters in football. When he went out with injury last year, the team didn't have one hiccup as Teddy Bridgewater led them to a 5-0 record. You can tell Brees didn't have much juice left in the arm as he mastered the short pass and check down game.

After watching the Saints get pummeled by the Raiders on Monday Night Football, it was more obvious that Brees is limiting this team. Yes, the Saints offense is meant to grind out the clock and possess the ball for long periods of time but that doesn't work when you're down and need a quick score. I just can't trust Drew Brees in his current state to lead the offense down the field for a game winning touchdown when there's only 1:30 left on the clock.

Brees' inability to take shots down the field is going to cripple the Saints when it matters the most. It has the past two seasons in the playoffs (Fine, I'll give him a pass for the Rams NFC Championship Game). I won't for the Vikings game as Brees lost to a guy that grills with aluminum foil, one of the most beta moves I've ever seen.

For the people that are going to be like "B-bu-but Michael Thomas wasn't playing!!!!" Yes, but Michael Thomas isn't going to burn anyone down the field. He's perfectly tailored for this offense. The Emmanuel Sanders signing was puzzling to me considering he's a guy that stretches the field to take shots and the Saints don't do that.

We'll see how this all plays out but Brees' best hope for a Super Bowl is to take the Peyton Manning route. Manage the game well enough where your elite roster can carry you. If not, we all know what time it is.