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Herbert's Coming Out Party Ruined by Old Man

Saints crash Justin Herbert's Monday Night Football debut with OT win.


I need to tip my hat off to Drew Brees and the Saints. The Chargers dominated them on both sides of the ball in the first half. Brees and his noodle arm looked cooked and the Saints had no energy coming out of this game.

Justin Herbert looked great in the first half. He looks like a completely different QB than what we saw in Oregon. The first touchdown throw was a bullet to Keenan Allen to get the Monday Night party started.

While he didn't have as strong of second half, he kept the Chargers in the game. That's all you can ask for when you're playing the Saints on Monday night.

Herbert's 4 touchdowns was a Monday Night Football record for most ever by a rookie. It was impressive because he did it without his best players on offense.

Also, can we stop talking about his oily face? I know it's hard to ignore when ESPN consistently pans the camera to him but c'mon guys. No one looks good in 2020! (Although he does have enough oil on his face to cause a national emergency if he took a dip in the Gulf)

Now let's talk Saints. They were abysmal and I really thought the Chargers were going to put Brees in a 5'9 casket. I thought I was watching Freaky Friday with how Brees and Herbert were playing. Luckily the Saints figured it out and made it into one of the better games of the year.

The Saints pulled it off but their offense is clearly missing Michael Thomas. It appeared he was finally going to play this week until he punched his teammate in practice. I was surprised when I first saw the news but after seeing how he
tweets, the dude is just a hothead. He's like your friend that ruins the fun after taking a joke way too far.

If I were Alvin Kamara, I would despise Taysom Hill. Kamara does all the hard work to get them down the field and here comes Taysom trotting out to the field to steal his touches.

How do you take this man off the field when you need a score? (I refuse to acknowledge Hill's TD run)

Of course, the game would come down to a kicker who they call the "Money Badger"

Michael Bagley should be released immediately for not only missing the kick but actually trademarking the nickname.

Goddammit Michael.

If you lost your bets tonight, don't worry. The NFL is back tomorrow with what should be another good one in Titans vs. Bills.

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