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Gymnast Pole Vaults Fence to Escape North Korea

And to think people in the US cry about masks...


Earlier this month, a North Korean gymnast escaped from the nation by pole-vaulting a fence into the DMZ. In case you don’t know, the DMZ is the 2.5-mile wide strip of land between North and South Korea, filled with land mines, smaller fences, and armed sentries. While trying to escape from the obese, power-hungry, manlet is nothing new, escaping through the DMZ is very risky. Typically the refugees try to escape through China, which offers little to no odds of being blown up.

Bodyguard's defending Kim Jong Un's Limo

Kim Jong Un has to be used to people attempting to escape, but this one probably hurts a bit more than the rest. The only way you become a gymnast in North Korea is if the dictator is prepping you for the Olympics. This means special privileges for the athlete, such as three meals a day, electricity past 8 p.m., and nonstop training instead of labor! You see, North Korea only cares about appearances. They spend most of the money they have on military parades, missiles, and attempting to win gold medals (as if that's still a sign of how vital a nation is). Think of them as the person in town whose house is falling apart yet they own an F350 that’s been lifted to the heavens. All for show. In the midst of a pandemic, North Korea thought that flying big military jets over major cities was what the people needed to boost morale. Oops, my bad, turns out that was Trump.

What this guy did took massive balls. Sprinting 2.5 miles through a minefield, knowing if you get captured you'll face certain death. That goes to show that death is better than the alternative. If you escape North Korea they punish your entire family for generations to come in order to deter people from trying to run. This man joins the 33,000 others who have escaped this hellhole in the last couple decades, and I doubt any of them regret the decision they made to bolt. One day the people of North Korea will be free. I have no idea when that day will be, but I have a hunch it will be soon after they discover their nation is sitting on top of oil.