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Gucci Mane's Wife Ices Him Out For His Birthday with a Near Million Dollar Watch!

The "Icy" rapper receives one of the iciest watches in the game for his birthday

Shawn Craymen

Now isn’t this the iciest Mane in the land? Gucci Mane’s birthday has just passed and it’s almost become an event to see what gifts Gucci and his wife Keyshia Ka'oir give to each other for the holidays. For the man who popularized the “Brr” ad-lib, tattooed an ice cream come on his face, named his first single “Icey”, and named his son “Ice”, it’s only appropriate Gucci got some ice for his birthday. Gucci did just that receiving a BVLGARI Octo L'Originale. Let’s go over this bad boy he posted on his Instagram below.

The normal BVLGARI Octo in stainless steel by itself is already a very cool watch in my opinion. It has a very unique shape and bracelet and sports one of the thinnest automatic movements in all of watchmaking. Now add to that 50 carats of baguette diamonds invisibly set in white gold and you have a heavy hitting watch. With a retail price of $928,000 this near seven figure watch cements Gucci Mane in the upper echelon of the celebrity watch game. With the rise of his newly signed artist Pooh Sheisty and the birth of his son it seems life is good for Guwop. Can’t wait to see his next acquisition.