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Gucci Has a Pair of $9 Sneakers You Can't Wear

Gucci has released a pair of sneakers you can't wear.

Shawn Craymen

Gucci is one of the world’s most recognizable and famous luxury fashion houses. Gucci’s name is strong that it extends past fashion and has even become an adjective at this point (I’m Gucci). Their prices are a bit on the unattainable side of things with sneakers starting at $650 for a classic pair of Aces and going up from there. How cool would it be to get a pair for $9? Now you can, you just can’t wear them.

Gucci, always one to push the envelope, has recently dabbled in the world of NFTs. Gucci has teamed up with VR sneaker app Wanna to release their own line of AR sneakers that you can purchase through NFTs on Wanna. You can wear them on the app and that’s about it. This isn’t Gucci’s first foray in the digital space having appeared in Roblox and Pokémon Go among other digital spaces.

NFTs have made waves recently with them going for millions of dollars but fear not, there’s an unlimited supply of these NFTs to purchase so resale won’t be crazy if it exists at all. How do I feel about this? I love it. As a fan of Gucci it shows that they’re still forward thinking and creative. This could be just their first step in the digital space and could overall enhance the online shopping experience for customers and fans.