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Gerrit Cole had the worst possible answer when asked about using sticky stuff

When asked about using foreign substances, Gerrit Cole had the worst possible answer.


Pitchers using foreign substances have been all the talk in the MLB this season. It's been an issue for a few years now, but the MLB is now starting to crack down on it. It seems like every pitcher in the league except for Jacob deGrom is using it right now.

A few days ago, Josh Donaldson called out Gerrit Cole for using illegal substances. He pointed out that Cole's spin rate went significantly down when the MLB decided to suspend four minor league pitchers for using foreign substances. Cole was asked about that accusation and had the worst possible answer.

Cole pretty much admitted using foreign substances. First off, how are you not prepared to answer that question? You know it's coming. It's all people have been talking about in the baseball world. He sounded like an eight-year-old lying. Couldn't find words to come up with a half-decent excuse. My man was STRUGGLING to find words when talking about using that sticky stuff.

Now, I do think Cole is being treated a little unfairly. We know a shit ton of pitchers use this sticky stuff, and Cole is being used as the poster child. I guess it's understandable. He has a monster contract with the Yankees. Imagine he fleeced the Yankees of $300 million and sucks because he can't use foreign substances? Yikes.

Donaldson and Cole face off tonight. Should be a fun one in Minnesota.

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