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Four Men Eat 66 Pounds of Oranges in 30 Minutes, Left With Ulcers

A small price to pay for victory


I never understood why people are mocked for being cheap. In most cases they are “cheap” because they are financially literate or they legitimately cannot afford some items. Sometimes people just cannot rationalize spending money on something frivolous or unnecessary. Whatever the reason, I stand behind the cheapskates. It’s easy to live beyond your means and spend extra money on comfort and convenience. It takes true willpower to hold back and do things the right way, no matter how hard it will be. That's why these four HEROS out of China need the respect they deserve.

After a boys trip, they decided to come back with 30 kg of the most delicious oranges they had ever tasted. 30 kg converted to freedom units is 66 pounds. Upon entering the airport they realized they would need to pay 300 yuan ($47) for the extra weight of the oranges. They only spent 50 yuan ($7.78) on the oranges so they decided not to pay the extra fare. But being the financially savvy men they are, they realized they just couldn't let $1.94 each they spent on the fruit go to waste. So right then and there they made a decision. They would eat all 66 pounds of oranges in the 30 minutes they had before the flight. Now I personally would have taken the L and thrown away the fruit, but there is something admirable about the decision they made. Within the 30 minutes they had, they finished every last orange.


Unfortunately these brave men had a price to pay for their heroics. It turns out eating that many oranges in one sitting leaves you with horrible ulcers all over your mouth. There are a lot of lessons to come out of this story. Anything from sticking it to the man to never wasting a penny, however I’m not sure any are fully applicable in this situation. I’m sure they were all just having fun, and despite the ulcers none of them were “that guy” who quit on the challenge. At the end of the day, boys will be boys.