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University of Florida's Waterboy Disrespects the Strength and Conditioning Coach

The next Bobby Boucher resides in Gainsville, Florida.

Stephen A. Bayless

If you're a strength and conditioning coach and lose to the water boy, you probably have to quit your job right?

Not only did he get smoked but got absolutely disrespected when the water boy threw up the deuces. How could you look at your players in the eye? If I were them, I would just laugh in his face if he tells me to give him 20.

Dan Mullen has to do the right thing and give this kid a scholarship. We all know what happened in The Waterboy. We might have the next Bobby Boucher that can put Florida over the top. I don't know who this kid is but I'm rooting for him.

Now, I looked up who Florida's strength and conditioning coach was and he doesn't look like a crazy aggressive dude. The only thing that screams meathead strength coach is his name is Nick Savage. I don't know why but whenever someone has the last name Savage, it adds about 2 points on the badass scale. Regardless, this is a huge brand hit to all the SEC strength coaches.

I'll keep a close eye on this story. We may have something brewing for this kid to become the real life, Bobby Boucher.