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First-Ever Space Hotel To Be Launched in 2027

The first-ever space hotel is expected to be launched in 2027.


Am I the only person who doesn't want to go to space?

I understand people have a curiosity about what goes on outside of planet Earth. For me, I'm more than happy to keep my two feet on Earth. I'm fine looking at space through the lens of NASA.

A company called Orbital Assembly plans to begin construction of this space hotel in 2025 and expects to open in 2027. It only takes two years to create a super space hotel? Something tells me this thing isn't going to launch in 2027. The name of the hotel is "The Voyager".

It does look badass. Something you would see from a Star Wars movie.

Looks like a super fancy cruise cabin.

How much does something like this cost? As of now, the construction costs have not been revealed. It will be able to hold 400 guests. They also plan to sell portions of the hotel to government agencies as a training center. The hotel is supposed to rotate around the Earth every 90 minutes. The rotation is vital for gravity. According to John Blincow, the founder of Gateway Foundation, who will help with the project says, "People need gravity so their bodies don't fall apart."

According to their website, you can invest to reserve a spot. So it seems like they don't even have the funds to create this thing. If you don't have the money to invest, they also sell merch. Need to come up with these funds somehow.

It's a cool concept, but there's just no way this is going to launch in 2027. Are there even laws regarding how you can send people into space? Whatever the price is, I'm sure people will be lining up out the door to get launched into the universe.

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