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FinTwit Crybabies Tick Off Zack Morris, Atlas Closes Discord

The greatest FURU who's ever lived leaves behind a bandwagon of whiney brats.

Lucifer Morningstar

On Monday afternoon, Finance Twitter lost the teenage heartthrob who melts our hearts with amazing stock picks. Don't worry, you'll still be able to hear from him if you're in the trading discord. However, it's now locked because too many trolls who can't wipe their own butts like to blame others instead of taking responsibility for their own actions. You know the market is bad when everyone is barking at each others throats on Twitter.

The reason why Zack left is simple. He had over 400,000 followers, and when that many people are following your plays you'll naturally attract short sellers and algorithms. Zack has stated that this big following has made it difficult for him to focus on what he loves to do: trade. He doesn't need to post tickers or "pump" to make money. I have been following him for years, ever since I looked up "Zack Morris" on twitter out of curiosity back in college (don't ask).

Zack Morris is an inspiration to all. A living legend who has shown us that anything is possible. From losing it all to restarting his trading journey with $800 to now making millions. The man has changed my life for the better, giving advice to novice traders and teaching us how to fish rather than be spoon-fed. On behalf of FinTwit, thank you.


Sike, I'm in the discord.