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Dylan Bundy puked all over the mound at Yankee Stadium

Dylan Bundy had a memorable experience in Yankee Stadium last night.


I don't care what anyone says. Puke videos will always be funny. There's something about somebody unexpectedly puking that will always get a good chuckle out of me.

Dylan Bundy puked all over the mound at Yankee Stadium. Not just a little bit of puke where he could spit it out on the side. I'm talking full-on, demons coming out of your body puke. The type of puke you see when your friend pounds 20+ light beers, trying to impress a girl that will never get with him.

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He puked so much he had to leave the game. The Angels said he was out due to heat exhaustion. It's been hot and humid over here in the NYC metro area, so I understand that excuse. Except for the fact that I never heard of someone puking because of heat exhaustion. A great excuse to use regardless.

At least Bundy had his Yankee Stadium moment. Not the way he envisioned it, but we will always remember the night Dylan Bundy yakked everywhere in the middle of his start.

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