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Drake Fans Rejoice! TOPSZN is Back!

Drake's cousin OB O'Brien teases the return of an iconic era of Drake's career

Shawn Craymen

The roll out for Drake’s next album is in full swing! Drake’s album Certified Lover Boy has been teased for well over a year now with the release of Dark Lane Demo Tapes, a few leaked songs, and the usual bevy of features. Every era of Drake is special and has its own moments with arguably the best being the time between Nothing Was The Same and If You’re Reading This It’s Too Late. Enter TOPSZN.

TOPSZN was something Drake and his associates would always bring up whether there were posts about it on social media, song references, or TOPSZN clothing. Mainly spearheaded by Drake, his cousin OB O’Brien, and Johnny Manziel (yup 2014). If anyone asked about TOPSZN it was simply said to be “the Regime.” And if any members of TOPSZN were around each other, they’d do the classic “money hands” gesture.

Getty Images

That’s why this post made by OB is so significant to Drake fans. That era had classic music and Drake was giving us something we all wanted to be a part of. Back then he had a hot song with Khaled, bumping remixes, a single dominating the charts, and something we wanted but couldn’t really get. Do we have that now with "Pop Star", the remix to "You’re Mines Still", "Laugh Now Cry Later", and the Certified Lover Boy clothes and scented candles? Maybe, all I know is I feel OB’s Instagram post is foreshadowing something great approaching. Hopefully that includes OB O’Brien returning to music to add to his already impressive catalog. You can listen below.