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Don't Post Your Spotify Wrapped on Social Media

I promise you no one cares


We have already discussed the best end of year tradition, Christmas movies. Unfortunately, not everything in December is peppermint blasted fun. Each December, Spotify releases their yearly roundup for each user. Within this roundup, you can find statistic’s about your listening patterns for the year. This within itself is an awesome feature and I personally look forward to it year after year. However, I of course do have one major gripe with this. It’s the fact that users blast their stats all over social media, as if people care.

I know better than to check my snap stories the day Spotify releases their stats. It would take me hours to wade through the seemingly infinite stories of top 5 artists, podcasts, songs, genres, etc. Some girls genuinely think having a genre other than rap/pop is a personality trait, while others think their list of true-crime podcasts will make them quirky. Guys act like it’s a crowning achievement to have listened to 5,000 hours of Drake for the fifth year in a row.

So before you start screenshotting all your music statistics, stop. If you really want to, share it with your friends. I promise you that your followers from high school don’t care which decade you listened to the most in 2020. All of this being said, Spotify said I’m in the top .05% of Eminem fans, which makes me feel special.