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Don't Marry a Stock

Stay single and always be ready to mingle. Removing emotions from trading is a key to success.

Lucifer Morningstar

Put down that ring right now! The wedding is off, she won't love you back, and this will only end with several self-inflicted nut punches as you stare down at the red on your Robinhood screen.

There's an old saying that says "love is blind". Love can make you gloss over all the blemishes and negative symbols on a screen, blinding you from the truth and creating a mirage of infatuation. Love highlights all the glisten and twinkles of hope. That hope being it runs 500%. Alternatively, realists will retort with "never love something (or someone) that can't love you back." In the stock market, that's the cold-hard reality.

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Stocks won't love you back.

You can try to rationalize all the hype the company possesses or how profitable their earnings have been. You can draw pretty lines on a chart, but so could my two-year-old cousin. Ideas can be lucrative; the thought that it will  "go to the moon" sounds dandy. More importantly, it's about maintaining composure and not getting emotional when things don't work out. Staying cool and being able to change convictions on a whim is something that puts hair on your chest. Keep this in mind the next time you're at a bar flirting with a cutie, and realizing she may not be into you. You fret over what you could be doing wrong - your "game" should be working, right?

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Be fluid and mold into any situation thrown at you. Don't cling onto her as if she might be "your one true love", she's literally rejecting you in front of your face. Stay cool! Remember that no matter how many times a person on Twitter tells you that three or four conferences are MAJOR catalysts, they are not the market makers. The news does not always push the stock price up. Volume and price action win in pennyland. These "catalysts" may make you great returns, but don't marry a stock under the assumption it'll go up at every single conference/press release. Take the emotions out of it, onto the next one.