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Dominoes To Deliver Pizzas With Robo-Cars

A Domino's located in Houston has adopted a self-driving pizza delivery car.


High fives to my people who get nervous at the thought of talking to the delivery man.

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Domino's Pizza Inc. and Nuro Inc., a Silicon Valley startup, said on Monday they will launch a robotic pizza delivery service in Houston this week as they seek to satisfy increasing online orders during the pandemic. Customers will have to place a prepaid order on Domino’s website for delivery. If their order falls within certain days and times, they can choose to have Nuro’s R2 robot drop off their pizza. Once the robot arrives, customers will enter a unique PIN on its touch screen to prompt the doors to open so they can retrieve their pizza. The future is here folks.

The R2 robot is the first completely autonomous on-road delivery vehicle without any occupants to receive regulatory approval from the U.S. Department of Transportation. Nuro, founded by the same guys who brought you the self-driving Google car, have raised $500 million in the last funding round. And they also received investment from Chipotle.

I used to be a bit against big chain pizzerias because I enjoyed giving my business to the little guys. Well, this one local pizzeria ruined it for all of them when they dropped off my pizza at the wrong house, in the middle of the street, without even calling me about it. Screw you guys! It's the Domino's effect.

P.S. Domino's stock (DPZ) is severely undervalued. See you on the moon by year's end. Not a financial advisor, just a pizza advisor.