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Dodgers vs. Padres is the best rivalry in sports right now

Dodgers vs. Padres is must-watch television.


We all love a good old rivalry. Whether it's Yankees vs. Red Sox, UNC vs. Duke, or Celtics vs. Lakers, there's nothing better than getting that big game feel between two teams with deep traditions.

The newest rivalry in baseball has turned out to become the best rivalry in sports. The Dodgers and Padres have become must-watch television. These two teams are absolutely loaded and you can tell they don't like each other. It's only April and we're getting playoff vibes every time they square up. Each game they've played this year has had a memorable moment.

For the Padres, what a turn around their franchise has had. When Manny Machado signed there a few offseasons ago, many laughed and questioned his decision. "Why would he go to the Padres?" Well, it turned out he picked the right team. A $300 million contract certainly helps, but bringing Machado in was the start of something special. I know the Padres haven't done anything yet, but you get this feeling they're going to be a great team. Of course, the man who makes the engine go is the coolest player in baseball. Dare I say, the face of baseball?

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Fernando Tatis Jr. has brought back the swagger baseball has been missing. Everything about him is just so fucking sweet. I love the mini rivalry brewing between him and Trevor Bauer.

The Dodgers are the defending champs and obviously big brother in this situation. Their team is loaded top to bottom. It's nice to see a team in their division put some pressure on them. For close to a decade, the Dodgers have dominated the NL West. They have won eight straight division titles going back to 2013.

When the Dodgers took a 7-1 lead last night, I started to scroll around to find something else to watch. I then suddenly turned the game back on and the Padres tied it. I was pissed at myself for missing out on a six-run rally. The end of the game was incredible.

I need more Padres vs. Dodgers games ASAP. Put Bauer vs. Tatis, Kershaw pinch-hit situations, and bat flips in my blood.

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