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Did Julio Jones really just say he's out of Atlanta on national television?

Did Shannon Sharpe set Julio up? Julio Jones went live on Undisputed and said he's out of Atlanta.


What just happened? Did Julio Jones just say he's out of Atlanta?

I usually hate shows like Undisputed and First Take because it's mostly nonsense. But Shannon Sharpe calling Julio mid-show and getting him to say he's "out of there" is nothing to scoff at. Did Julio know Sharpe was live on air?

It's been rumored all off-season that the Falcons might look to trade Julio because of their salary cap situation. There was a report the other day that said the Patriots might be open trading for him.

If this turns out to be like a Randy Moss type of trade, my god. Watch out because with the moves the Patriots made in the offseason, they can have a really good offense come September.

A good thing for America is he doesn't want to go to Dallas. Imagine all the insufferable Cowboys fans if he went to Dallas? Julio won't have his choice of destination, but where would be the best fit? New England? Tennessee? Baltimore? Does Green bay try to make a push to make Rodgers happy? Oh boy, the offseason just got a lot more interesting.

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