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Did Deshaun Watson Request a Trade?

There have been reports about Deshaun Watson wanting out of Houston.


The QB market this offseason is fascinating. Not only is the incoming draft class loaded at the position, but there's going to be some quality veterans on the market.

Pro Football Talk reported that Deshaun Watson could ask to be traded.

If Watson were on the market, he would obviously be the most prized QB available. There have been reports from other insiders denying this report.

Every team that has a roster to contend for the Super Bowl should immediately offer the house for him. There are a lot of teams out there that have a great roster, but their QB situation is uncertain for 2021.

The Texans made a big move last night when they hired Nick Caserio as their new GM. Let's just say Deshaun wasn't happy about the move...

The tweet has been deleted, but maybe there's some truth to it. Again, the man that was denying the report was Ben Allbright who's a Broncos reporter... So maybe I'll trust Florio on this one.

If I were Deshaun, I'd want out of Houston. The organization is a hot mess. They don't even have the assets to build around him for the immediate future. The only way the Texans can restock their draft capital is if Watson gets traded.

Also, this video was released by NFL Films of JJ Watt and Deshaun Watson after their last game.

This is clearly JJ Watt realizing a camera is on him. So of course, he had to make a statement. Although this clearly looks staged, I'm sure there have been some conversations between players about how bad this organization has been run.

We'll wait and see if this relationship can be repaired. As crazy as it sounds, maybe it's in the best interest of both sides to move on.

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