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Deprived Lakers Fans Celebrate Record Tying 17th Championship

Happy for the deprived franchise to finally get what they deserve.

Stephen A. Bayless

The underdogs did it! The once doubted Los Angeles Lakers are now NBA champions!

The little engine that's the Los Angeles Lakers defied the odds even though they have two top three players and were the number one seed in the west. The fans waited a long, dreadful nine years to finally see their team on top.

Although it appears it was more of a Kobe celebration rather than a championship celebration. I'm just so happy for these fans that had to wait almost a decade to witness their team win the Finals. For a few years, I didn't think it was even possible for one of the premier sports franchises in the US to ever win a ring again.

Fans like the Spurs and Warriors have no idea how it feels to be a LAKERS fan! For god's sake, this was their lineup for a few years...

It's sometimes easier being a Knicks fan than it is being a Lakers fan. I mean, what other franchises had to deal with a D'Angelo Russell and Nick Young situation?!

It's going to be even tougher next year when people doubt the Lakers again. No worries, the team as well as the fanbase have the underdog mentality necessary to weather that storm. 😤 💯

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