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Dean Spanos' Sister Wants Him To Sell the Chargers

Will we see a new owner in Los Angeles soon?


Ever since the Chargers moved to Los Angeles, things have not gone well. They played in a soccer stadium for a few years, didn't win much, and had no fans to root them on. At least there is one shining hope with Justin Herbert.

It was reported today by the L.A. Times that Dea Spanos Berberian, the sister of Chargers owner Dean Spanos, went to court in an attempt to get Dean to sell the team.

The petition by Dea Spanos Berberian, who serves as co-trustee of the family trust along with her brother, alleges the trust’s debts and expenses exceed $353 million. In addition, according to the filing, the trust doesn’t have a plan to pay more than $22 million it has pledged to charities.

Yikes. $353 million in debt?! Nothing worse than when money is the reason why family members hate each other. For now, they said the operations of the Chargers would not be affected.

I know there aren't a lot of Chargers fans out there, but with the few that are, I'm sure they're praying Spanos sells the team. I don't think I've ever heard good things about Dean Spanos. I know there are more opportunities to grow the fan base in Los Angeles, but always tough to relocate a franchise that's been there for over 50 years.

The article states that Jeff Bezos may emerge as someone who wants to buy the team. It's been known that Bezos wants to buy an NFL team for a while now. He's been previously linked with the Washington Football Team. I don't think those rumors were ever true as Dan Snyder just bought out the minority owners.

I don't see Spanos selling the team as his family has owned the Chargers for 20+ years. If he does though, it would be a fresh start. New QB, new city, new stadium, and new owner. Something Chargers fans would finally be able to celebrate about.

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