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David Dobrik makes his return to YouTube

David Dobrik made his return to YouTube after taking some time off.


After months of hiding and making terrible apology videos for his Vlog Squad sexual assault allegations, David Dobrik made his return to YouTube. Oh, he also almost killed his friend, Jeff Wittek, swinging him around on an excavator.

Announcing his return on Instagram, Dobrik's first video back already has over 3 million views on YouTube.

Dobrik came back and did what he does best. Buy his friends a vacation to Hawaii. Cancel culture is probably boiling to see Dobrik back in the spotlight. He's another guy that's probably going to crawl his way back to relevancy. It's the social media influencer cycle. Fuck up, make shitty apology videos, stay on the low for a few months, and come back like nothing happened.

During his hiatus, multiple brands cut ties with him, and he stepped down from his startup company Dispo. In his Instagram post, Dobrik says new vlogs every Tuesday. So he's either going broke or just going to buy a ton of people expensive things to get back in everyone's good graces.

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