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Dave Portnoy's Feud With Sam Ponder Reignites

Dave Portnoy explains altercation at popular New York City restaurant Catch.


If there's one thing I know about the internet, it's never a good idea to go after Dave Portnoy.

Here's the backstory: in October of 2017, ESPN premiered Barstool Van Talk. A spinoff of the wildly popular podcast Pardon My Take. Immediately after the first episode aired, Sam Ponder, a host for ESPN, wasn't happy with the network's decision to partner with Barstool Sports. She decided to tweet out comments made by Portnoy and Barstool Big Cat regarding an old blog post about her. ESPN abruptly canceled Barstool Van Talk after Ponder tweeted out her grievances against Barstool Sports.

Which brings us to this 3 years later.

Portnoy explains how Ponder ambushed him at a New York City restaurant on his podcast The Dave Portnoy Show With Eddie & Co. If you want to hear the whole story about their encounter, check it out here. He says she wanted to explain her side of the story, claiming she had no part of the show's cancellation.

That's interesting considering Ponder is a high level talent for ESPN. I don't know the logistics on why the show got canceled but it appears her tweets had an impact on it. Portnoy mentions how he was taken aback from the whole altercation considering this was something that happened three years ago. Apparently they were going at each other for about an hour outside the coat check area of Catch, a popular restaurant in New York City.

If you listen to the podcast, the funniest part has got to be Colt McCoy chilling in the back observing this altercation unfold. Imagine trying to enjoy your overpriced dinner in the city while an ESPN sportscaster goes ballistic on an internet personality. Who doesn't like dinner and a show?

Unfortunately, things are only going to get worse for Ponder. If you give any type of material to Portnoy, you know he's going to plaster it on every corner of the internet. That's how he operates. If you look at any of his previous victims, he dances on your grave until his toes poke out the soles of his shoes. With his army of Stoolies behind him, it's a battle you will never win.

So for Ponder, I wish her the best. I don't watch much ESPN anymore, but apparently the new NFL Sunday Countdown is decent. Just a tough gig when you're following up Boomer and the boys.

We'll have to wait and see how this ends, but if I were Ponder I'd pray Portnoy takes the foot off the gas. The way I see it, Portnoy is Ricky Bobby and Ponder is the finish line. There's no slowing down for El Presidente.

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