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Danny Ainge steps down as Brad Stevens takes over the Celtics front office

Danny Ainge is stepping down and Brad Stevens is coming in. A crazy start to the Celtics offseason.

Stephen A. Bayless
Giphy Images

Wow. The Celtics season just ended and all hell breaks loose.

Ainge's tenure with the Celtics obviously didn't end the way he thought it was going to be. The Celtics just got ran out the door by the team Ainge ripped off all those years ago. He couldn't trade for the pieces to help the team make a playoff push. Once Jaylen Brown went down for the season, we all knew the Celtics were done.

The crazy part about all this is Ainge stepping down isn't the biggest bomb Woj dropped. It's that Brad Stevens is getting promoted to the front office!!! How many people get a promotion from their job when they regressed from the years before! Remember when Stevens turned down $70 million from Indiana, his childhood team? Well, now we know why. This had to be something in the works for months. Stevens was apparently worn down from coaching since the bubble last year.

Interesting comment considering Stevens is one of the youngest coaches in the NBA. Can I go into my boss's office and ask for a promotion because I'm worn down from the current position I have?

Curious to see who's going to be the Celtics' next coach. It's going to be a very attractive job. It's not like the roster is awful. They have two young stars in Brown and Tatum. Stevens needs to add more depth and surround those two with better supporting players.

If this is the route Stevens goes, what a terrible start to his front office career.

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