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Cop busted for doing coke is now an OnlyFans pornstar

A former Australian cop who was caught doing coke is now an OnlyFans star.


I guess some things happen for a reason.

Former Australian cop, Zachary Maidment, was caught doing coke off a Playboy model's ass last year. Maidment turned getting busted for doing drugs into a porn career on OnlyFans. This is why the internet is beautiful. You can mess up and think your life's over, but quickly bounce back by filming yourself having sex.

Maidment is teaming up with his former fiance, Tyana Hansen, to make videos on OnlyFans. Hansen said they both made tens of thousands of dollars the first 24 hours of opening their OnlyFans account. I guess that's a good way to keep in touch with your ex-fiance. Work together as a team to make thousands of dollars? Seems like a good, healthy, post-break-up relationship.

Maidment and Hansen are still under investigation for drug charges. To be honest, Maidment will probably enjoy his life as a pornstar more than being a cop. Instead of putting on a uniform and pulling people over for going 10 mph over the speed limit, all he has to do is look sexy on camera to rake in the money. A solid career pivot.