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Cole Beasley says he'll get vaccinated if Pfizer puts some of their earnings in his wife's name

Cole Beasley has been against getting the vaccine all offseason. He may have to rethink it after what Mark Cuban offered him.


One of the best rivalries of the NFL offseason has been Cole Beasley vs. the COVID vaccine. All offseason, Beasley has preached he's not getting the vaccine and how it's unfair the NFL puts restrictions on unvaccinated players. Restrictions like wearing masks, daily testing, etc. Once Beasley saw that he could possibly get high without worrying about getting drug tested, he started listening. There was one major condition.

I got the Pfizer vaccine. Can I become a spokesperson for Pfizer and get some of the percentages of their earnings in my mom's name? To be honest, I respect Beasley's resiliency in not backing down on his take. Sometimes, when you put out a ridiculous statement like wanting a percentage of Pfizer's earnings, you get what you wish for.

The lesson here is never to dream too big. If you put out your wishes on the internet, sometimes a billionaire will see it and make them come true. This is like when an athlete retweets a video of a little kid flipping out after getting a jersey. Next thing you know, that kid is sitting on the sidelines on game day.

If I were Pfizer, I'd sign Beasley to an endorsement deal. I mean, this is all probably going to end with Cole Beasley starring on a Pfizer commercial talking about how great their vaccine is.

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