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Clippers Players Pointing Fingers at Kawhi

Who's to blame for the Clippers failures? Doc? PG? Kawhi?

Stephen A. Bayless

We all saw what happened to the Clippers in the bubble. They fell flat on their face after going all-in on winning a championship this year. Many pointed their fingers at Doc Rivers or Paul George, but are players blaming Kawhi?

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Clips not loving the preferential treatment 👀

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I think we all know how much of a diva Kawhi is. He remains quiet around the media and only cares about himself. We saw it when he was trying to get out of San Antonio. All he wanted to do in Toronto was prove his worth. He's still acting selfish in LA, but his teammates actually call him out on it.

I understand why they got mad at him for holding up flights. You're a professional. Get to work on time, especially if other people are waiting for you. The load management part confuses me. When you sign Kawhi Leonard, you know you're only going to get about 60-70 games with him. If they want to complain about Paul George getting load management, sure. Blaming George whenever something goes wrong seems like a good plan considering he bamboozled the Clippers into remortgaging their future for him.

So after one year, is it time to blow up? Maybe they reset and come back better with Ty Lue. People might knock the hire, but I respect it because of the personalities he had to handle in Cleveland. With a bunch of hotheads and superstars butting heads, maybe he can slowly stomp out the fire and get back on track.

Kawhi only has one year left on his contract, so the Clippers need their chemistry to click before he skips town with Uncle Dennis.