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Cleveland Indians Changing Their Name

The Cleveland Indians decided to go with a name change.


After 105 years, the Cleveland Indians have decided to change their name.

We saw this coming after the Redskins decided to rebrand after decades of scrutiny. Of course, it added pressure to the Indians who got rid of their Chief Wahoo logo a few years ago.

So what are the Indians going to change their name to? The biggest suggestion/joke we got from Twitter is the Cleveland Baseball Team. Maybe it's something the Indians might want to consider considering the success the Washington Football Team has had in the past month.

Surprisingly, I've been to Cleveland before. There's not much to take away from the city. When LeBron James is your city's personality, it's hard to come up with fun nicknames. Maybe the Cleveland Kings? How about the Cleveland Strive For Greatness? I guess they can do something incorporating Lake Erie or the Rock n' Roll Hall of Fame?

Other than LeBron, every time I think of Cleveland this YouTube video always comes to mind.

For some reason I can't embed the other video, but if you want to waste 48 seconds the link is below.

It's going to be interesting to see if the Chiefs, Braves, and Blackhawks go with a name change too. Whatever happens, your favorite team can have a new name next.

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