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Charlie Woods Already Has a Better Swing Than You

Charlie Woods is set to take the national stage.


My god. The swagger this kid has is unbelievable.

If my dad was one of the greatest golfers of all time, I would hope to get some of his genetics and be an absolute beast on the course. He looks like a mini Tiger out there with the side by side view.

I'm sure there's a bunch of people furious that an 11-year-old already has a smoother swing than them. Many are still contemplating if they should fire their swing coach or completely quit the sport.

Charlie and his dad are set to compete in the PNC Championship. It's a cool tournament where players get to compete with their dad, son, or friend. When Tiger announced he was going to play with his son, obviously golf fans were excited to see the future. This is like Bronny James playing in a nationally televised pick-up game with Lebron.

Charlie has everything from the smooth swing to the club twirl. With the amount of confidence it looks like this kid has, I'm expecting multiple major championships to come in the future.

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