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Celebrity Boxing Is the Next Big Sport

We all have a celebrity we would love to see get punched


Celebrity boxing matches are all the rage in recent years. Anyone with any sort of celebrity status will have haters, and that means they have people who will pay money to watch them get their face bashed in. This past weekend we saw Nate Robinson get embarrassed by a YouTuber, which has undoubtedly piqued the interest of C-list celebrities everywhere. Not only is it an easy payday, but you are thrust back into the spotlight, even if only for a night. I am hoping the success of Paul vs. Robinson has officially marked the beginning of Celebrity Boxing.

While Nate Robinson was a good NBA player and Jake Paul does have internet clout, this wasn’t exactly a headliner for the newfound bloodsport. Despite the fact that neither are A-list, they each earned $600,000 for the fight, which lasted about 6 minutes total. While I did see that Aaron Carter has crawled out of the woodwork looking for a boyband opponent, this isn't what we want. While I don’t doubt Carter needs the money, no one wants to watch some scrawny white dude fight. I either want a Battle of the Goliaths (Jason Mamoa vs. Henry Cavill) or a Superstar Smackdown (Brad Pitt vs. Will Smith).

I understand that bigger names are more unwilling to fight due to their unbelievable net worths and money-making facial genetics. However, the one man who gives me hope is Justin Bieber. When he called out Tom Cruise, he tried to play it off as a joke but we all know what his true intentions were. If that fight actually went down, the winner would make north of nine figures just in prize money. I genuinely believe it would be a bigger event than Mayweather vs. McGregor.

Our best chance at getting a worthwhile fight is hoping two celebs develop a serious beef and decide to monetize it. Until then, I’m afraid we're stuck with YouTube stars and burnouts looking to make enough money to pay off one of their mortgages.