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Carson Wentz Gets Traded to the Colts

The Carson Wentz era is officially over in Philadelphia.


People really thought Carson Wentz was going to cost multiple first rounders.

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In all seriousness, Indy is the perfect spot for him. Frank Reich, who was a huge part of his development in Philly, is his new head coach/play-caller. On top of that, he gets one of the best offensive lines and good playmakers in Jonathan Taylor, Nyhiem Hines, TY Hilton, Michael Pittman Jr., etc.  If he can't break out of his funk in this situation, his career will be ending very soon.

The Carson Wentz experience in Philly was a wild one. Although Nick Foles will get the majority of the credit for bringing them their first Super Bowl, it was Wentz who put them in a position to get there. I think people forget how good he was that season. If he didn't get hurt, he would have been the run-a-way MVP that season.

I can only imagine his relationship with the organization and fans went downhill after this statue went up outside the Linc.

Must be a shitty feeling to know your backup has a statue outside the stadium while you try to win your team back.

For the Eagles, I guess this means they're all in on Jalen Hurts. They get Wentz's contract off the books and can finally rebuild this roster without having a huge anchor in their salary cap.

What they do at six will be interesting. Do they go for one of the top three receivers? Does Howie Rosman pull off another draft day stunner and take a QB? How about grabbing Penei Sewell or Rashawn Slater to bolster their offensive line? Their secondary can use some help so trading back a few picks to grab Surtain or Farley definitely sounds like an intriguing option too. A lot of good options for a team that needs to fill a lot of holes.

According to Schefter, if Wentz plays over 75%, the second-round pick turns into a first. So before you boo him out of Philly, make sure you pray he's healthy (and good) next season Eagles fans.

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