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Cameron Kinley gets approval from the Secretary of Defense to pursue the NFL

Former Navy football player Cameron Kinley gets approved to pursue the NFL.


There are times when we get a player from one of the service academies that's good enough to play on the next level. The problem they run into is they need to serve for their respective branch after graduating from school. Cameron Kinley, who played defensive back for Navy, was originally denied by the Secretary of Defense to attend training camp with the Bucs. Yesterday, that changed when he got the approval to pursue his NFL dream.

The Army-Navy game is always one of the best spectacles in sports every year. Although the game itself isn't always the best, the pregame festivities are always worth watching. You realize that all these players aren't playing to get into the NFL. These players are playing for their country. Although they are bitter rivals on the field, they all play for one team at the end of the day.

I'm not going to sit here and act like I know anything about Cameron Kinley's game. I just thought it was cool that he was getting his opportunity. If he doesn't make the team, it's not like he would get a random day job as an accountant. He'd fight for our country. Best of luck to Cameron this training camp.

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