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Buffalo Bills' owners threaten to leave if their new $1.5 billion stadium isn't funded by taxpayers

The Bills are looking for the state to cover the expenses of their new stadium. If they don't, they're threatening to leave Buffalo.


Life as a Buffalo football fan started to look good again. The Bills are finally Super Bowl contenders after years of rebuilding. They finally found their first franchise QB in Josh Allen since Jim Kelly was taking the Bills to the Super Bowl every year. Even with all the good mojo going on around Buffalo, their ownership is threatening to move the team if New York doesn't fund their new stadium.

Nothing like a billionaire asking the state to fund their new big toy. It's something that's been happening for years. Are you really rich if you don't get crazy tax breaks and receive free things? If the state doesn't meet the Pegula's demand for some public help, they threatened to move the Bills.

"The team has made no overt threats, sources say, to leave Buffalo if it doesn’t get the full funding request, but it has made clear to government negotiators that there are other cities elsewhere that desire an NFL franchise and would pay handsomely for it."- Buffalo News

This is an interesting negotiation tactic. The Bills are pretty much saying pay up or we can pack up and find a new home somewhere else. If the Bills do move, where would they go? Austin, Texas has been a place that's been floating around on the internet. I guess with the Texans being an utter embarrassment, the league would like another team to represent the football capital of the world.

Don't do this to Buffalo fans. They finally have a respectable product to root for. Moving the Bills out of Buffalo is one of the meanest things a billionaire could do.

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