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Bryson DeChambeau is a Mad Man

Vijay Singh watches Bryson DeChambeau take monster hacks on the driving range.


It's officially Masters week. We're starting to see clips of the practice rounds, which is always fun because it gets the juices flowing for the best tournament in golf.

Bryson DeChambeau has become one of the biggest personalities in golf. Love him or hate him, he puts asses in the seats. I personally think he's too much, but it's fun to laugh at the unaware meathead.

His body is going to break down eventually, right? Watching this clip made my back hurt so much. How can someone swing that violently so many times without having to be carried out on a stretcher? It's utterly ridiculous and Vijay knows it. Vijay is probably laughing to himself asking what this asshole is doing. But hey, I guess this is the way to hit 350-yard bombs.

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