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Bryce Hall and His Cronies Get Into Fight at Empty Restaurant During Lunch

Young, jacked, wealthy, and a whole lot of testosterone. The ingredients to the perfect mid-day brawl.

Big Tasty

It seems each generation of influencers are less talented than the previous one. We went from the stereotypical celebrities to creative YouTubers, to vloggers, to insta models. The new breed, “TikTok Stars” are a rambunctious group of young adults who made millions off of 10-second clips. Typically these clips involve dancing, lip-biting, hair adjusting, and a surprising lack of intellect. They form clans and live together in mansions up in the hills so they can create videos with ease. Yesterday, Bryce Hall and his boys got into a brawl in the middle of a restaurant. Yes, there is a video, and yes it is hilarious.

To understand this video you have to understand the culture in California. I often find myself wondering how those on the West Coast could be so different from us on the East Coast. I don’t know if it’s the weather, the fame, or the fact that a bunch of teenagers are living in mansions unsupervised, but something just isn’t quite right. The guys all paint their nails and dye their hair. They have no regard for the law. It would seem if you’re famous in LA you could get away with nearly anything, and at most expect a slap on the wrist. The ground is consistently on fire and everyone jokes about a massive impending earthquake that will sink the entire city.

Now that that’s out of the way, back to the video. The fight has two sides with neither accepting blame unsurprisingly. Long story short, the socialites were vaping on the outside patio. The server asked them to stop, which escalated to the point where they were all throwing haymakers and grappling with restaurant staff mid-day. You can see other patrons watching, wondering what the hell is going on. Once everything is said and done, a woman stands in the center of the aftermath, aimlessly hurling insults towards the boys, which happens to be my favorite part.

So far, no charges have been pressed with both sides pleading their innocence. I can guarantee you that even if charges are pressed against the boys, it will only result in them becoming more famous. After a quick google search, this specific group of guys seems to be the most normal out of all these TikTok kids. They are essentially a top frat from an SEC school put into an LA compound with cameras on them 24/7. So while I do consider fighting waiters in an empty restaurant pathetic, I will not condemn them, yet. I’ve witnessed absolutely massive free-for-alls break out that didn’t even result in the police being called. Bryce and his boys are in a position where everyone wants to fight them, can you blame them for giving in every once in a while?