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Ben Askren Tweets Sparring Video To Intimidate Jake Paul

Will Jake Paul be able to keep up?

Andrew Schwartz

I’m no boxing expert, but if I were a YouTube celebrity, I wouldn’t want to match up against a professional fighter. That’s exactly what Jake Paul will be doing on April 17th vs. Ben Askren. I’m hoping it’ll be more exciting than Paul's match with Nate Robinson.

Anyway, Askren tweeted a video of himself sparring, which is clearly meant to intimidate Jake Paul.

The first thing we need to discuss in this tweet is that Ben talks in the third person. Why would he do this? My only guess is that it’s an intimidation factor that shows how crazy he is. Narcissists and gaslighters talk in the third person, so that could be why as well.

Now if we look at the video, he looks like he moves pretty quickly but I don’t think anyone thought this video was sped up. C’mon Ben, you’re not The Flash. Either way, I’m looking forward to this fight because I’d love to see Jake Paul get knocked on his ass. Not because he’s a dirtbag, but because I’d like to see how he’d react to the blow to his ego. Would he admit he lost a fair fight and that the better man won? Would he demand a rematch? Would he make up petty excuses? Maybe he'll end up on top and his ego will inflate even larger. We’ll find out on April 17th.

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