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Beat the Odds With Dick Todd: NFL Week 8

Don't make blind bets. Beat the odds with Dick Todd's picks for week 8 of the NFL season.

Dick Todd

Tennessee vs. Cincinnati

Burrow has absolutely lived up to the hype in his rookie year and the Bengals overall have displayed some solid offense this season. With that said, there is a reason the Bengals are 1-5-1. Up until last week, the Titans looked like the best team in football. Despite losing to a very good Steelers team, the Titans showed that they’re never out of it as they put up a resilient effort that fell just short to the Steelers. I see the Titans covering the spread this week. I think they will come out and make a statement after last week’s loss. Not to mention the Bengals have one of the worst defenses in football and the Titans have a guy named Derrick Henry. If there is one guy in the NFL that I wouldn’t want to be run over by, it’s this fucking guy.

Tenn: -5.5

Indianapolis vs. Detroit

I think Rivers and the Colts will edge the Lions in this one. The Lions have been solid this year but the Colts have an excellent defense. Is Rivers the QB that he once was? Not at all. He was putting up a dreadful streak of numbers up until their last game where the Colts came back and beat the Bengals. I have faith in you, Philip. Still don’t think he’s done cranking out kids either.

Ind: -2.5

Seattle vs. San Francisco

Last week’s loss was heartbreaking if you took the Seahawks to cover the spread. I took the Seahawks, I’m the one that was heartbroken. Although the 49ers have been playing well, I don’t see Russell Wilson losing two games in a row, especially with this game being in Seattle. Wilson has been playing out of his mind this year, even though it seems like Wilson never has a steady group of receivers or a solid offensive line. I’m a little surprised the spread is as low as it is in this one. Anyway, go Hawks.

Sea: -3