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Beat the Odds With Dick Todd: NFL Week 14

Don't make blind bets. Beat the odds with Dick's picks for week 14 of the NFL season.

Dick Todd
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Bengals vs. Cowboys

Don't like this game at all, but what the hell. Do I love Any Dalton? No, I don't. But he is a professional quarterback. The Bengals aren't the same without Burrow. I taking Dallas in this one and trusting my ginger, Andy.

DAL: -3

Raiders vs. Colts

The Raiders have scared me lately. I loved the job that Gruden was doing and I love Darren Waller. After getting whipped by Atlanta and squeaking by the Jets last weekend, something is up with the Raiders. The Colts have been one of the more impressive teams in the NFL this season on multiple levels. Give me that old bastard Philip again in this one.

IND: -3

Lions vs. Packers

When in doubt, go with Aaron Rodgers. The Lions have been one of the least impressive teams in the NFL this season as their head coach Matt Patricia was let go earlier in the season. I don't see this one being too much of a game. Give me Aaron and Green Bay in this one.

GB: -8.5