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Beat the Odds With Dick Todd: NFL Week 13

Don't make blind bets. Beat the odds with Dick's picks for week 13 of the NFL season.

Dick Todd
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Titans vs. Browns

The Browns are going to get exposed in this game. I'm not saying they're a bad football team, but I don't think they're as good as their record shows. Aside from that one hiccup that the Titans had at home against the Colts, they have looked impressive winning three of their last four games. Keep in mind the Browns also squeaked by the Jaguars last week with Mike Glennon at quarterback. The Browns have also not played good competition of late as their last four wins include the Bengals, Texans, Eagles and Jaguars. I think the Titans will cover this game and make people start to question why Baker Mayfield is in so many commercials when he throws for 150 yards every game.

TEN: -4.5

Texans vs. Colts

Despite the Colts getting rocked at home last week against the Titans, I like the Colts this week. The Titans and Colts are both good football teams and that's what's going to happen, they'll beat up on each other. The Colts have won two out of their last three games which includes wins over the Titans and the Packers. While the Texans have been playing much better since getting rid of that bum Bill O'Brien, I don't see them hanging with the Colts in this one, especially with Will Fuller being out of the picture now. As long as Philip does't fuck this up, the Colts will cover this one.

IND: -3

Packers vs. Eagles

God, this game just screams Packers. I don't know, Aaron Rodgers looks like he is never going to slow down and Carson Wentz looks like he's a couple of throws away from working at a local gun shop in his home state of North Dakota. I don't care what the spread is in this one, I just can't see Wentz or the Eagles doing anything in this matchup. Aaron Rodgers also dated Olivia Munn, one of the sexiest women in Hollywood in my opinion. Carson Wentz bought his offensive line shotguns for Christmas a few years back. I guess this stuff isn't really relevant, but maybe it will give you a little more security in the back of your minds when you bet on the Packers in this one.

GB: -8