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Beat the Odds with Dick Todd: NFL Week 11

Don't make blinds bets. Beat the Odds with Dick's picks for week 11 of the NFL season.

Dick Todd
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Browns vs. Eagles

Nick Chubb and Kareem Hunt, enough said. The fact that the two of them are on the same team is insane. Baker can make all the cheesy commercials in the world, throw for 175 yards every week, but it's all good when Chubb and Hunt are heathy. The Eagles are painful to watch. Granted I'm a Giants fan, but the Eagles are an awful football team. I don't see the Eagles coming into Cleveland and making any noise. Ride that spread with Chubb and Hunt leading the charge. Doesn't matter if this guy is your quarterback when you have a dynamic running game with those two.

CLE: -3

Football Team vs. Bengals

God, I love Joe Burrow. Ever since he smoked that cigar after winning the national championship last year, I just thought this dude was the man. Burrow also doesn't seem like an asshole by any means, he actually seems like a solid guy. With that said, and it hurts me to say this, I have to go against him this week. Alex Smith has been one of the best stories in sports. The man is back after an injury so gruesome, it could have been fatal. If you haven't seen that documentary on Smith and his recovery, I highly recommend you watch it. I'm not just picking him and the Football Team because I like his story, the guy has been fucking balling out since coming in as the starter for his team. It makes no sense. He's thrown for over 300 yards in his two starts thus far. I think Burrow has done an incredible job in his rookie year but Smith and the Football Team have played very competitively since he has come into the staring role. I'm going with Washington in this one and Alex getting his getting first win of the year.

WAS: -1.5

Panthers vs. Lions

I don't love either of these teams in general, but after looking at the Panthers and their losses, I think they have kept a lot of their games close this year. I thought that the Lions would have been the favorite at home to be honest in this one. Also, Matthew Stafford is the king of being around 7-9 each season. Accounting for all that, I like the Panthers in this matchup.

CAR: +2.5