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Beat the Odds with Dick Todd: NFL Week 10

Don't make blind bets. Beat the odds with Dick's picks for week 10 of the NFL season.

Dick Todd
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Saints vs. 49ers

God, I was so confident about Brady taking down Brees last week in their rematch in Tampa Bay. Granted, almost every analyst took the Buccaneers in that game as well, so that eased the blow a little bit. Anyway, I won't go against Brees two weeks straight after the Saints almost ran Brady into retirement last Sunday. Nick Mullens is starting again at quarterback for the 49ers too. Due to Mullens's successful start in the Superdome that capped off his college career, some feel a sense of optimism with Mullens and the 49ers. I don't feel this way. As long as Brees doesn't piss off his teammates by starting to talk about the importance of standing during the national anthem again, then I like the Saints in this one.

NO: -9.5

Dolphins vs. Chargers

Tua looked great last week, he really did. It was a good game but he made me eat my own words. Brian Flores has been outstanding as a head coach. It's great to see him flourish in a league that currently only has four minority head coaches. Flores has shaped this Dolphins team into one of the grittiest teams in the NFL as they never seem to be out of any game. In all three of their losses this season, the Dolphins have lost by only 10 points or less. As impressive as Justin Herbert has looked this year with the Chargers, they somehow find a new way to lose each week. With that said, I have to go with Tua and the Dolphins this Sunday.

MIA: -1.5

Raiders vs. Broncos

Aside from Flores, Gruden has been one of my favorite coaches this season. The Raiders are just another team in the league that always seem to be in the game. Obviously I'd be a lot more comfortable with this game if the line was -2.5 but I still think the Raiders should have been favored by more than -3.5. The Broncos haven't done anything for me this year that stands out. With playoff hopes within their reach, I see the Raiders winning this favorable matchup at home. Just tell Gruden to wear his fucking mask and then he gets an A+ grade for this season thus far.

LV: -3.5