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At 60 years old, the owner of a Suriname professional soccer team dressed up and played 60 minutes

The Vice President for Suriname suited up and captained his professional soccer team.


This is every fan's dream. To own a professional sports team and be able to do whatever you want with it.

At 60 years old, the Vice President of Suriname, Ronnie Brunswijk dressed up and played 54 minutes for Inter Moengotapoe. In Suriname, politics are heavily tied with professional sports. A lot of their sports teams are owned by Suriname politicians. Brunswijk played alongside his son in a 6-0 loss to Olimpia from Honduras.

Reading into this Ronnie Brunswijk's profile, he's lived a wild life according to a New York Times profile. He was apparently known as Robinhood because he would give away the things he would steal. The reason he became Vice President of Suriname is because the President used to be a police officer that would hunt him down for crimes. They eventually joined forces to help bring democracy to Suriname. That's literally the plot of a crime movie. The bad guy and good guy work together to accomplish their goal. He was also suspended in 2005 for threatening players with a handgun.

What American sports owner would consider suiting up for a game? I think there's no doubt Jerry Jones would be willing to put on the pads and make himself QB1 if he wanted. Mark Cuban is always shooting during Mavs pregame. Imagine Steve Cohen taking a few hacks a day after calling his team out on Twitter the day before?

My god would it be amazing to see a 78 year old Jerry Jones lace them up.