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Are the Padres Crazy for Giving Fernando Tatis Jr a 14-Year Extension?

22-year-old phenom Fernando Tatis Jr. agrees to a 14-year extension with the Padres.


Jeff Passan dropped a bomb last night on Twitter when he announced Fernando Tatis Jr. agreed to a 14 year, $340 million contract extension with the Padres. Wow. That put's his AAV around $24.2 million per year.

Are the Padres crazy for giving a 22-year-old kid who's only played 143 games in his career this contract extension? Yes, but fuck it. They have been all-in on building a championship roster. When Manny Machado signed with the Padres two years ago, many were confused with the move. For me, I couldn't blame the guy for taking a fat paycheck to live under the sun in San Diego. Two years later, it appears Machado made the right decision to sign with the Padres.

We all know Tatis is one of the most charismatic baseball players in the world. The MLB needs players like him. Not only is he an unbelievable baseball player, but he brings personality to the game.

More bat flips in 2021 please!

The Padres have gone on a George Steinbrenner run the past few offseasons. I mean, look how much they're committing to their infield.

Tatis is either going to outplay his contract or the Padres are going to look like absolute fools if he doesn't continue on this meteoric rise. Watching this kid play though, he's an absolute rockstar. I have plenty of faith he's going to be the face of baseball for years to come.

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