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Are no-hitters still cool?

With four no-hitters already thrown this season, are no-hitters still cool?


One of the coolest in-game accomplishments in sports is throwing a no-hitter. We used to get one, maybe two no-hitters in a season. In 2021, we have already seen four no-hitters thrown.

Madison Bumgarner also threw a no-hitter, but the MLB doesn't acknowledge it because it was a seven-inning game. I think it should count. It's not Mad-Bum's fault they put in the seven-inning doubleheader rule.

When there was a no-hitter going on, it used to be must-watch television. Everyone would stop what they're doing and turn on ESPN to tune into the final innings. Now, I just see an Instagram post or tweet about it. It seems like the buzz of a no-hitter has gone away because we see one every other week now. When I see someone throw a no-hitter, I shrug my shoulders and move on with my day.

Maybe the new high for pitchers now is strictly perfect games. John Means should've had one if it wasn't for a dropped third strike that allowed a runner on base. Does the MLB need to enforce more new rules to bring back the buzz of a no-hitter? Still an amazing accomplishment, but since we've been getting a lot of it, the excitement isn't there when it happens. Unless a pitcher from your team throws one of course.