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Are french fries getting canceled?

WebMD tells people eating french fries multiple times a week can lead to an early death.


Damn. WebMD, America's number one source of getting health information is canceling french fries. I mean, whenever something feels off with your body, the immediate reaction is to Google it and get the answer from WebMD.

According to WebMD, our favorite side dish appears to be KILLING us. If you eat french fries or hash browns 2 to 3 times a week, you're most likely going to die early. I know for a fact a majority of Americans are well over the two to three times mark per week. If you don't think so, just look at the replies to the tweet. People were not happy to hear about this study.

I am curious how they conducted the study. Did they shove fries down people's throats for a certain period of time? Did the autopsy read "cause of death: french fries"? Or maybe it's just an assumption that eating deep-fried potatoes drenched in oil a few times a week isn't good for our body. Hmmmmmm. Asking Americans to stop eating french fries is like telling a suburban mom to stop gossiping and drinking red wine at 2 pm on a weekday.