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Apple's next step is running its own health care clinics

Would you trust Apple with your health? Apple is trying to create its own health care clinics.


We live in a world where every big company is trying to take over the world. No one stays in their own lane anymore. They all try to find the next big thing. Whether it's technology, entertainment, or whatever else nets them their next billion.

Apple is certainly in that group. In Apple's next step to take over the world, they reportedly want to run their own health care clinics. They want to collect the data they get from devices and provide a subscription-based model to monitor people's health. They want to eventually sell this system to other healthcare companies.

"The plan was reportedly hatched in 2016 by an Apple team after the company’s Chief Operating Officer Jeff Williams told employees to disrupt America’s “363” care model, under which patients rarely see their doctors more than twice a year — and only when they’re sick or hurt." -Theo Wayt, NY Post

I guess everything is going to be turned into a subscription plan now. Food, entertainment, and now health care. I have an Apple Watch, and it tracks everything I do. Calories, steps, how long I've been standing. You name it, they got it. It even tells you to get off the couch and work out when you're feeling lazy. Some dude at Apple headquarters probably knows my body better than I do with some of the shit my Apple Watch tells me. I literally get notifications that tell me to breathe better.

For me, I don't want Apple, Google, and Amazon to completely ruin my life. To be honest, they already do. With all the data these companies have on us, they probably know us better than we know ourselves.

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