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Apparently 69'ing Is a New Fashion Trend

What ever happened to a plain t-shirt and jeans?


I don't know anything about fashion. My wardrobe consists of t-shirts, sweats, a few pairs of jeans, and some sneakers. Whenever I see NBA players pull up to the arena, I ask myself "why?"

One thing I never understood is how these fashion "gurus" come up with their designs. Do they trip on acid and start designing a bunch of stuff? Most of the things that are displayed on fashion week look like a blind dog designed it. Out of all the crazy things I've seen, this is the craziest.

Yes, we're now using actual humans as an article of clothing. I don't want anyone from the fashion industry to justify this move. How is this legal? I mean, look at this poor woman.

She looks like her head is about to explode with all that blood rushing to her brain.

This one has her face buried right into the gooch.

The designer of this line is Rick Owens. According to his Wikipedia, he's been a famous fashion designer since the mid-'90s. He designs anything from clothing, footwear, and furniture. Looking at his stuff, it's the typical high-end fashion clothes that make you wonder why people spend thousands of dollars on it.

So with the 69 design, how does it work? Do you get a person when you buy it? Probably not as that sounds highly illegal. So I guess you buy the harness and hope your significant other or friend will agree to hang upside down like a bat? Is the next one going to be doggy style or reverse cowgirl?

I guess the fashion people are right. I just don't get it. I'm an average guy that doesn't have the means to buy all these high-end clothes. Maybe once I have enough money to waste on ridiculous clothes, I'll fully understand what fashion is.

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