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Aaron Rodgers finally broke his silence last night

Aaron Rodgers came on Kenny Mayne's final SportsCenter and broke his silence.


After a few weeks of going silent since the news dropped about his trade request, Aaron Rodgers finally broke his silence. During Kenny Mayne's final show on ESPN, Rodgers came on and discussed his future in Green Bay.

Even though he was complimentary of Jordan Love, the coaching staff, teammates, and the fans, it seems like he still wants out because of the front office. What does Brian Gutekunst have to do to keep Rodgers happy? Trade for Julio? Do they trade Jordan Love just like how the Patriots traded away Jimmy G? Sign him to a new contract? I don't think Gutekunst and the Packers are trading him away anytime soon. Do they want to be the guys who trade away one of the greatest QB's of all time coming off an MVP season?

I think the Packers hold all the cards right now. I don't think Rodgers is going to sit out and forfeit over $35 million. He has all the money in the world, but would anyone risk losing all that money just to prove a point? Another thing is the Packers still give him the best chance to win a Super Bowl. So many questions still need to be answered. To be honest, trading Jordan Love and a few picks to the Falcons for Julio Jones could make sense.

The Rodgers saga continues, but Kenny Mayne ended his interview in perfect Kenny Mayne fashion.

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