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Aaron Rodgers Drops Absolute Savage Comment on the Pat McAfee Show

Confident Rodgers is back and ready to steamroll the NFL.

Stephen A. Bayless

Yup, this comment from Rodgers shows you he's officially back.

During his weekly appearance on The Pat Mcafee Show, he dunks on almost every QB in the NFL showing that he's not fucking around this year.

The past few years have been tough for Rodgers. Between injuries, coaching changes, and his brother slandering him on The Bachelor, we haven't seen confident Aaron in a while. Especially after the Packers made a stunning decision to move up for Jordan Love. Fans, including myself, thought Rodgers' time was starting to tick.

Instead, he told us to stick our criticism up our candy ass and has played lights out through the first quarter of the season. Throwing for 1,214 yards, 13 touchdowns, and ZERO interceptions, it appears the BAAAADDDDD MANNNNN is coming into your city to snatch your soul.

Rodgers may have gotten a bad rep whether it was one of his celebrity girlfriends throwing shade or his family crying about how he never talks to them anymore.

To be fair, I'll probably cut ties with my brother if he tried to drag me into the circus that's reality television.

All he wants to do is be left alone and sling the football. If he keeps playing at this level, it's going to make the Packers feel really dumb for taking a QB in the 1st round instead of building a team to win now.

To make it feel really like 2013 again, bring back the discount double check Aaron.

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