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A GameStop Movie Is Already in the Works

EMDb review will be released the same day as the movie.


Everyone knows Hollywood has been out of ideas for a little over a decade. These days they either remake films, reboot films, or just make biopics of tragedies. I mean the turnaround on the Boston bombing movie was three years from explosion to theatrical release. The executives at these production companies have no shame, and why should they? They could release a 90 minute movie that is a black screen, and as long as its title is tied to a tenured franchise or a recent historical event the film is a lock for $600 million. Nowadays when I see an unoriginal film being released, all I can do is laugh and ignore it.


That's why it should surprise no one that a movie is already in production for the recent GameStop/Wallstreetbets fiasco. That's right, last week's news is officially this week's pitch meeting. The shameful cucks in LA have really outdone themselves this time. Ben Mezrich has already started writing a book on the event, with the working title “The AntiSocial Network”. In case it wasn't obvious, Ben was the author of the book turned film The Accidental Billionaires. Ben worked with director David Fincher to create the movie The Social Network. It is believed that in February a publisher will pick up Ben's new book. David Fincher has already expressed interest in turning Ben’s new book into another smash hit. David has even admitted he can't wait to work with Ben again.


When I first saw that this movie was already in the works, I thought it was an awful idea. However, the inclusion of the masterminds behind The Social Network has changed my mind. I was convinced I would hate that movie and I ended up really liking it. I am worried about who they will cast for the redditors though. Certainly Jesse Eisenberg and Justin Timberlake don't look like the average basement dweller. I’d like to throw Stingray from Cobra Kai’s name into the hat. He played a grown loser perfectly in the show and I’m sure he would have no issue coming into a major motion picture.

I have a hard time predicting whether this movie will be a box office hit or not. On one hand, redditors love it when they are represented in any media, so one would assume they flock to the theaters. On the other hand, I don’t think the average redditor leaves the home unless it's for essentials. Regardless of how this movie turns out, the Hollywood think tank has officially run dry. I predict we will get our first Coronavirus film in spring of 2022.